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PDA dance troupe/company is a group of dedicated and well trained dancers and associated personnel who work together to produce and perform professional dance shows.

VANAMALI – Nector of Devotion
Vanamāli literally translates to – “one who adorns a beautiful garland  made out of the flowers from the enchanted forest”. It can also be interpreted as the one who wears the Tulasi maala, or one who wears the universe itself .

“KANNAN CHARITRAM” –  Story of Krishna
A short dance drama on the life of  Lord Krishna from his birth to the Geethopadesham.

“PRAVAHAM” – The Eternal Tale of Rivers
Rivers represent the eternal life stream and have been an indispensable part of the Indian cultural ethos. Cascading down from the Himalayas, they flow majestically, roaring and meandering, gushing through valleys, rocks, quenching the dry spells of the lands in their path. These rivers are wrapped in religion, mythology, legends and are an eternal witness to many tales.

“SHIVANJALI” – An ode to Shiva
The attributes of Shiva are countless and he exists beyond time, space and thought. For the classical Bharata Natyam dancer Shiva is revered as Nataraja. Shiva is rhythm of the universe. Shiva is soul of existence. Shiva is dance of life. Padmasri Dance Academy’s maiden production is an ode to Lord Shiva – The God of Dance.
All proceeds donated to the “Bharatamuni Foundation for Asian Culture” founded by Dr. Padma Subrahmanyam.